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The word Shrijan in Hindi means ‘Creation’. After the devastating floods of 2013, GAIL took it upon itself to rehabilitate 10 villages of the valley in Rudraprayag region of Uttarakhand under ‘Project Shrijan’, which aimed at long term rehabilitation work in the selected villages. Over the last 2-3 years, the success and response the project has received from the people is overwhelming.

Project Shrijan adopts a comprehensive approach to disaster mitigation and awareness. It provides people with income generation opportunities while simultaneously making them more aware and alert towards a future disaster situation. Right from organizing trainings to support livelihood to providing disaster resistant infrastructure in the villages to psychological support for dealing with the trauma of loss, Project Shrijan has touched over 7000 lives.

The products made by the beneficiaries of projects Shrijan are a humble but true representation of the resilience of the people of the valley which is in complete alignment with GAIL’s objective of building a resilient ecosystem.

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Last Updated: 15th March, 2017