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LPG Transmission - Characteristics
GAIL has a share of about 10% of the Indian LPG market in LPG production and 7% in LPG sales.

GAIL produces LPG through fractionation in Gas Processing Units, known as Straight Run LPG. GAIL’s LPG is an eco-friendly fuel and provides a cheaper and effective means of reducing pollution and increasing productivity.
Characteristics of GAIL LPG
  • Processed from Natural Gas
  • Has a high vapour pressure vis-a vis Refinery LPG
  • Vapourises at atmospheric temperature and pressure
  • Clean fuel with almost nil unsaturated compounds
  • Has a higher calorific value than Refinery's LPG and hence gives more value for money
  • Its homogeneous composition results in more efficient combustion
  • The air fuel ratio need not be changed with every batch
  • No Impurities like sulphur, carbon dioxide, traces of oxides of nitrogen. Hence having least corrosion compounds
  • Has nil moisture content
GAIL LPG is being supplied to PSU Oil Marketing Companies namely IOCL, BPCL and HPCL ex-GPUs at Import Parity Price.

It is produced at seven fractionating units. Detail of locations and their production capacity is given below:
Location LPG Production (MT/Annum)
Vijaipur(2 Nos) , Madhya Pradesh 4,06,000
Auraiya Pata, UP 2,58,250
Gandhar & Vaghodia, Gujarat 2,07,000 & 73,000
Usar, Maharasthra 1,39,500
Lakwa, Assam 85,000
Typical Specifications (Meeting IS 4576 Specifications)
Sr. No. Component Unit Specification
1 C2( Ethane) Vol % 0.2 - 1.0
2 C3( Propane) Vol % 0.2 - 1.0
3 C4( Butane) Vol % 37 - 47
4 C5(Pentane) and Heavier Vol % 1.5-2.5(Max.)
5 Total Olefins Vol % NIL
6 Corrosive Compounds copper Strip   Not worse than 1
8 Sulphur ( Volatile) PPM NIL
9 Total Water Content   None
10 Calorific Value(Gross) Kcal/kg 11900 - 11950
11 Moisture   NIL
Sr. No. Property Data
1 Chemical Formula Mix of mainly C4H10& C3H8
2 Boiling Point (-) 20 0C to (-) 27 0C
3 Explosive Limit 1.5 - 9.0%
4 Vapour Density(Air=1) 1.8
5 Specific Gravity(Liquid) 0.53 - 0.54
6 Appearance Colourless
7 Odour Odourless**
8 Physical State Compressed Liquid
9 Vapour Pressure at 40 0C 1050 KPa(Max)
**LPG is odourless but Mercapteen is added as per IS - 4576.
LPG Applications
  • Domestic: For use in household
  • Commercial: For use in hotels, bakeries, canteens, etc
  • Auto: For use as fuel in automobiles
  • Industrial: For use in production process