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Liquid Hydrocarbons - Overview
GAIL is marketing Gas Processing Unit’s (GPU’s) products namely Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG), Propane, Pentane, Naphtha and by-products of polymer plant namely MFO, Propylene & Hydrogenated C4 Mix. LPG is being sold exclusively to PSU Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) while other products are sold directly to customers in Retail segment.

  • GAIL is India's major producer of Propane, popularly known as GAIL Propane. It is an eco-friendly fuel and provides an effective way of reducing pollution and increasing productivity.
  • GAIL produces and markets Pentane. It is primarily being used for reprocessing into iso, normal & commercial pentane used in EPS, PU, LAB industry.
  • Naphtha is primarily used by Power, Fertiliser, Steel and Petrochemical Units. In Power, Steel units it is used as a fuel, whereas in Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertiliser units it is used as a feedstock.
GAIL is presently operating 7 Gas Processing Units (GPU) located at Vijaipur (2 Units),  Auraiya, Vaghodia, Usar, Lakwa & Gandhar plant for production of LPG and GCU at Pata plant for production of Polymer. In the process of production of main products viz. LPG & Polymer through GPU/GCU except Usar, the following by-products- Liquid Hydrocarbons (LHC) are produced:
Plant By-product
Vijaipur Propane, Pentane, Naphtha
Auraiya Propane, Pentane, Naphtha, MFO, Hydrogenated C4 Mix, Propylene and Slop Oil
Vaghodia Naphtha
Gandhar Pentane, Naphtha
Lakwa Solvex-GL / Naphtha